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S1 Global is the pioneer in corporate ground transportation and Limousines.

The best way to get to and from the airport

Servicing airports around the world


The sedan is perfect for that corporate trip to/from the airport, and elegant for that special occasion.

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Limousines come in many different types and sizes.  Whether you want game day transportation, Proms, Weddings, or Just a Night out on the town, We got you covered!

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Our Texas Sized SUV is a great alternative for that trip to the Airport with your entire family, or your business partners. These SUV’s can handle all of your luggage, golf clubs, etc… Seats up to 5 comfortably.

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Mercedes Sprinter

Seats 11-14 comfortably with a separate luggage compartment. This executive van rides smooth and looks great!

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Our mini Buses are perfect for that Corporate outing!

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Motor Coach

Motor Coaches are perfect for getting your larger groups around town, whether it to/from the airport or Dine arounds we got you covered.

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S1 Global is the pioneer in corporate ground transportation and Limousines. Whether you have an executive to transfer from the airport to a meeting site or a corporate night on the town, our impeccable sedans, limousines, vans and mini-buses will provide trouble-free transportation to your event. Our professional chauffeurs know the most efficient route to your destination, when to help with baggage, how to get around, where to dine and points of interest, all while helping busy executives manage their time more efficiently.


“Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much we appreciate your service. The courtesy and professionalism your drivers demonstrate while dealing with our celebrity clientel is a testament to how well you run your company. Thanks again for all the support.”

— Marc Kravitz

“I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work last week.  Everyone I dealt with at S1 Global was completely on point, accommodating, courteous and kind.  I had plenty of moving parts to deal with during our event last week, but I never had to worry about transportation. You are true professionals. Special thanks to Derek and Conrad!”

— Alli

“As a first time limo customer, thank you for being so friendly and helpful. Karim did a fabulous job, punctual, professional, & personable! Everything was clean and nicely presented as promised. From beginning to end your service was professional, the billing process was completed as discussed with no surprises.  Our guests, first time limo customers also, were delighted with the 2007 Hummer Limo experience. We will be using S1 Global in the future to celebrate our special events. Thank you!”

— Anna

“I would like to extend my deep appreciation for your driver Josh, who did an excellent job in transporting our retirees to and from the event at the North Main site in Fort Worth on Thursday, April 20. The job was not an easy one. It was last minute and in muddy conditions. I’ve attached a couple of pictures that show Josh in action. You’ve got a great employee! Thank You.”

— Janet N.

“Thank you, the limo was one of the highlights of her day. Great job and we will recommend you to anyone that asks. The girls said the driver was very sweet and friendly. Thanks again for contributing to a wonderful day for my daughter Morgan.”

— Kay B.

“Thank you for another round of fantastic service!  Everything went like clockwork and I heard only good reports on both Barry and Ricardo.  I told both guys that the Shuttle service was the only part of the entire event that I did not worry about one time!  The attention to detail and efficient service in every area is appreciated more than I can say. Again, many thanks and we hope we can work together again next year!”

— Paula S.


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Notice to Customers for Information, Compliments and/or Complaints.

Please provide the following: Driver name, Driver Permit Number, Vehicle Permit Number, Date, Time, Location of trip and Destination

Call City of Dallas 214.670.3161 or 214.670.5111 (outside of City Limits)

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