Become A Driver


Please take photos of the following documents PRIOR to filling out your application,  These documents will need to be uploaded during your application process.  Without them, we will be unable to approve you:

Additional requirements include the following:


Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is dangerous and illegal. This policy addresses the use of drugs and alcohol at work, working while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and abuse of drugs or alcohol outside of work.


Any abuse or neglect of these rules will be just cause for immediate deactivation

Oneride adheres to the Texas Transportation code 2402.112 Prohibiting Discrimination as follows:

Sec. 2402.112.  NONDISCRIMINATION; ACCESSIBILITY.  (a)  oneride has adopted a policy that prohibits a driver logged in to the company’s digital network from:

(1)  discriminating on the basis of a passenger’s or potential passenger’s location or destination, race, color, national origin, religious belief or affiliation, sex, disability, or age; and

(2)  refusing to provide service to a potential passenger with a service animal.

(b)  For the purposes of Subsection (a), “sex” means the physical condition of being male or female.

(c)  oneride hereby notifies each person authorized to log in as a driver on the company’s digital network of the nondiscrimination policy.  A driver logged in to oneride’s digital network shall comply with the nondiscrimination policy.

(d)  oneride does not impose an additional charge for transportation of individuals with physical disabilities because of those disabilities.

(e)  oneride provides a passenger an opportunity to indicate whether the passenger requires a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.  If a wheelchair-accessible vehicle cannot be provided, the company shall direct the requesting passenger to an alternate provider of wheelchair-accessible service, if available.

By applying you are acknowledging that you understand and accept the policy and you agree receive text messages from Oneride.